Welcome to my first recap of the MBE-14 program of the Steinbeis Center of Management and Technology.

I would like to give you a short overview about my personal experience in this kind of studying at the Steinbeis University in Berlin.
Now the first 8 Week (1 Week Prep-Course) has passed and I’m really sad that I was not able to post/blog frequently about the classes we had during this time.

In the beginning the MBE-course started very quickly with the prep course which was quite necessary for all of the students except the ones with Engineering or some kind of BA&Engineering Hybrid background.
When we met the first time and all the students came together there was only a short period to get in closer contact and exchanging information between us students.

The students: various different types from all over the world and a colorfull mix of graduates (Master, Diploma, PhD, Bachelor and so an and so for).

The first weeks was really tough and we got an impression what the lectures of the upcoming 7 weeks will require from us.
The timetable was compressed as possible :-) we had lecture during saturday sometimes sundays and over the easter holidays.
All lectures are in english wich is quite a good opportunity to practice presenting and speaking english all the time before we get in our excursions 2012.
Class starts normally between 8:30 and ends at 17:30 but what’s normally 😀

Soon we had to recognize that the normal case is to get up earlyer because the written exams began at 7:15 😉 but it depends !
And after 17:30 we tried to spend as much time as possible on getting to know all students of our course.
And of course we worked on some Case Studies for example doing Project Management Plans, setting up our own Business Plans in Entrepreneuship.
We also made case studies in Marketing, Corporate Finance and Accounting.
Very interesting stuff and every week a new topic, new lecture, new prof. and new challenges.

The profs: I might say @SCMT we find a kind of ‚creme de la creme‘, that was my impression about the lecturers from Reutlingen, Darmstadt, Vienna and all over Germany, Switzerland, Austria :-) really competent profs.

Now after 8 weeks and approx. 10-11 written exams, presentations, cases and so on the first phase was very exhausting and a lot of work.
But we had a great time together during class and of course also in Berlin when we had some time to get to the local spots and points of interests (POI).

POI: Berlin Wall, Holyfields, Jewish memorial, Alex, Pottsdammer Platz, Pub Crawling :-)
Having some barbecue during the warm summer evenings in our summer residence at the Ringslebenstrasse was also everytime fun !

Just after this phase i would really recommend this program to other graduates especially to those with „just“ engineering, IT, mechatronic background.
The lectures were ‚enlightend‘ and gave in the end a good overview and impression over economic interferences and correlations in the economy part of the financial times 😀

Funny enough that we have to go to work in our projects on the next monday. After 4 weeks the next Berlin phase is planned and we are looking forward to meet each other again.
Okay this is my opinion and should just give you an impression about the MBE program,  maybe you are interestied in this kind of program now 😀
I think this blog would get quite more interesting during the excursions to Asia/USA/Sweden.