International Management Sweden IV

Posted: 26th Februar 2012 by admin in MBE-SCMT

Here we go again,

Good morning ladies and gentlemen :-)
During the weekend we stayed here in Jönköping, some of the students made a short trip to the next city, some went to Göteborg.

The freetime was very good organized. On Friday we went to some kind of TGIF buffet-dinner, afterwards went to a club named Harrys. It looked like an irish pub but inside there were several floors with different kind of music. (

And so on and so forth. Now, recharged i think some of us are a little bit afraid of what’s coming in the next week lecture here at #JIBS. The first week was quiet tough with the two presentations and the scientific paper we had to work out. The second week seems to become harder in regards of more case studies in shorter time + written exam.

The cases should be prepared „in time between“ – that means again no lunch :-( and saving stuff from the all you can eat breakfast of the hotel 😀

Because i’m sure that i will run out of time next week writing lines, i decided to do today 😀

Maybe some more pictures are following in the end of next week. We will visit  Husqvarna next week On this case study i’m really excited but not keen on writing a second scientific paper of 3500 words :-(