International Mgnt&Marketing Sweden EXAM I

Posted: 1st März 2012 by admin in MBE-SCMT

Good morning ladies and gentlemen 😉

What economists and engineers have in common is, no doubt: they love numbers.
Our final Exam for here at Jönköping International Business School in numbers:

what has to be learned:

  • 30 Pages Market Entry Strategy knowledge about the case studies each group worked out (2 scientific papers ~3000 words each)
  • 20 Slides (International Management – Brunninge)
  • 25 Slides (Ressource Management and Innovation – Chirico)
  • 37 Slides (Networking Abroad -Ramírez Pasillas)
  • 300 Precourse  multiple choice questions
  • 750 pages of „Svend Hollensen Global Marketing a decision oriented approach“ (no kidding ! the whole book!)

how long does the examination take:

  • 2nd March 2012 from 8.00-5.00 p.m.

seems to become a short night.