bye bye Sweden

Posted: 10th März 2012 by admin in MBE

Good Morning ladies and gentlemen 😉

Good bye Sweden!
It’s over 😀 on the one side i’m really happy about that on the other hand it was a great time again with the students, the discussions, the combination of contradictionary ideas 😀 we had fun !!

Skyline of Jönköping 😀

But what i don’t wanna hear the next 7 weeks is: „Yes it’s hard, we know that – but that is what the company expects from you. So we challenge you were we can […] and we wanna keep you away from the pubs […]“

Now again 7 Weeks of work at our companies project, after that we will meet again in USA (!!) hopefully that will not gonna be that stressfull like Sweden – but maybe i’m hearing again „that is what everyone expects from you“ 😀

Now i will accelerate the developement of Transferpapers, there are a lot to write and considering that there is not that much time left (minus 3 weeks USA minus 2 weeks Asia) the plan is to complete as many Transferpapers as possible within the next 7 weeks.

Here we go – i changed the title of my MT „IT and it’s impact on productivity“, much easier to remember than the extended title.
Okay it’s weekend after the first week back in the company, today i finished Leadership transferpaper so i have free time.

That means i will start hacking with my colleagues –> find easy solutions for complex problems. So do not wonder when the next blog has nothing to do with SCMT 😀 i guess it’s enough for a while …. :-)