One more quick summary about our MBE class and the second lecture phase in Berlin:

Starting in the end of June 2011 and for 2 weeks we now attended some more topics concerning:

Organization, Information Management, Leadership, Ethics and Rhetoric-Facilitation.

The density of information in the first week with Organization and Information Management was quiet high but the lecturer were very motivated, as we were too. Without overstressing the content of the sessions I only wanted to say that it was quiet a good mixture of written exams, case studies and presentations during this two weeks.

The highlights:
1 Meeting the students again at the weekend before class started and had quite a lot of fun at the weekend in Berlin 😉 😉
2 Organization Case Study to work out how a process might be reengineered in a more efficient way and what consequences/impacts that has on the structure of the company.
3 Student Presentations about some conflict situations between different departements and how to handle different Leadership Styles (X/Y, McGregor, Maslow…)

(4) had one free day in this two weeks of lecture and we enjoied it, playing beach volley and went to a „beach“ near Berlin 😀 quiet good one !
5 Knowledgemanagement was quiet tough to get that many output into the brain in such a short time.
6 Ethics and Rethoric was quiet good to get a better understanding about own expectations/values presenatation styles, perception and so on.

Maybe this was a quiet theoratically condensation of this two weeks, i will improve next time bringing some pictures 😀