Kelly School of Business Indiana University I

Posted: 8th Mai 2012 by admin in MBE, USA

Good Morning ladies and gentlemen 😉

Here we are. The first lecture on sunday was relaxed, we went to the University got goo food, entertaining lectures and a walk over the campus. + a guest lecture at School of Music which was very good and interesting how music (and creativity issues) can be applied to business.
We had a stressfull weekend before because we were supposed to write a case till sunday night that we received on Wednesday :-( this was not that good organized i have to say.
The first real day of lecture on Monday was interesting and we had a great day.
Starting with Models we already knew from strategy class we derived some theories to apply them to international problems (US culture etc.)
At the end of the week we have to present a case which is related to a new product launch of a product which is produced in China or India and should be sold to the US.
I think we picked a good one 😀 be excited what it will be 😀 i will share with you at the end of this week.