Sweden & USA preparation

Posted: 18th November 2011 by admin in MBE-SCMT

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

Awesome, during project time the schedule is quiet tough to get the transfer works done, where no milestones are given from SCMT 😉
It’s all about motivation, we know that from Mr. Herzberg. The problem is, to get the project task solved at work and writing transferworks in every module about the project progress (after work).
No time for holiday but we now received the timetable for Sweden and USA and the students can decide to take the flight from SCMT or book on their own.
I will book on my own because in this 2 Weeks Sweden in February ther would be no time for sightseeing because we are staying in university most of the time.
So we decided to get the weekend before to Stockholm and the Weekend after we make a short trip to Göteborg.

The Planningphase for USA ist starting as well. Some students are starting the trip 1 week earlier as the lecture starts. Some students are planning to stay one week longer to have time to visit some Cities or national parks.
I know that one week before the lecture is quiet a short time for the West-Coast but i will try to get some flights from Munich, Berlin or Stuttgart to Las Vegas, after staying ther 2-3 Days fly to San Francisco or Los Angeles and then to Chicago.
From Chicago.
The last challenge to get in time to university is to come from Chicago to Indianapolis (183 miles) and from Indy via bus to Bloomington.
That’s it for the beforehand trip 😉 after 2 weeks of lectures I want to visit NY (flight Indy –> NY –> back home to Germany).

What i’m not realy sure about is: will it work out Las Vegas + San Francisco + Chicago in Just 7 days? And not only time is a problem 😀 money as well because for this private trips i have to pay flights and hotel on my own (getting subsidy from SCMT for the flight GER->US->GER).