Enhance Productivity

Posted: 3rd Dezember 2011 by admin in MBE-SCMT

By working through (nearly) all the websites from our Information Technology Script i found pretty much websites, Apps, Software for enhancing personal and maybe corporate productivity.

Some problems may occur by introducing some webbased Cloudservices in huge companies. These companies fearing security problems, but as we saw from the Playstation Hack – it’s always possible even if you take care of your own IT ecosystem.

In this case employees attaching their home-USB Stick are more dangerous than prooven Webservices like gliffy for example. But how to describe this correlation to the IT responsibles?  But i will try it 😀

i installed now the iA Writer Tool to enhance my personal productivity, and i love it! okay i used it now for 10 minutes writing some LaTeX code but it’s cool.

Sometimes you like to write, and only to write and not to formate – painting colorfull tables – inserting huge pictures or that stuff.
Concentrating on content not quantity or nice looking stuff. Next Project –> Writing my next Transferpaper with iA Writer and compile it with LaTeX. I figured out a cool seperation of content and layout – see if it works.

Regards from the depth of the Information Technology Script of Mr. Dannenberg 😀