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Greece local animals :)

Posted: 1st Dezember 2014 by admin in MBE


Visiting Frankfurt

Posted: 21st November 2014 by admin in MBE

Awesome city but incredible Slow if no Busses or trains are present because of strike

Kickstarting the blog

Posted: 14th November 2014 by admin in MBE

Final Post on MBE

Posted: 12th Januar 2013 by admin in MBE, MBE-SCMT

never say never but i think i won’t post that many blog entries about the MBE in the next time. Because I’m done with MBE, the defense was done, the grade for the Thesis is out and i’m totally glad that i got an interesting an challenging job afterwards at Siemens 😉 So there are […]

USA Some impressions

Posted: 5th Dezember 2012 by admin in USA

Some of these products you won’t find outside the USA

Visiting NY II

Posted: 4th Dezember 2012 by admin in USA

Awesomeness in New Yok City!!!

Visiting NY

Posted: 3rd Dezember 2012 by admin in USA

Wuhu Big Apple 😉 Just two days but had a Great Time from East Harlem to battery Park. Wohle North to South Here only Some impressions:


Posted: 2nd Oktober 2012 by admin in hacking, MBE

Digital analog conversion Application: Automation pyramid: The thing with cypher, encryption and decryption. Anything may be hacked, depending on the effort the attacker is able to invest, the time and money he has. I like 36min 20sec

STA first lecture ADC

Posted: 5th September 2012 by admin in MBE

for my first lecture @STA here some helpfull visuals. What is dual slope and what are ADCs good for?

In the jungle the mighty jungle 2k12

Posted: 3rd August 2012 by admin in Asia, MBE

Welcome to the Jungle Visited SUBANG