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Hello World Vibrio fischeri

Posted: 19th April 2014 by admin in hacking

Alright, next project idea is now ready to get started. In the begining of malicious software spread over the internet, security agencys named this kind of programs „viruses“. Cause scientists knew more about biological viruses than about malicious software, they named it after something they are familiar with. In my opinion this has changed and […]

Back to IT

Posted: 9th April 2014 by admin in hacking, Technology

To bring this back to live i will try to post more stuff 😉 unless I’m uncertain What the content would Look like ! Okay guy will start With some it projects i did in the. The last thing was getting iswipe to run on iPad 5 with ios 7.0.6 I Adidas hiro theme and […]

Some experimental tries to get the augmented reality thing to work 😀 and no it’s not QR code. NYARToolkit


Posted: 2nd Oktober 2012 by admin in hacking, MBE

Digital analog conversion Application: Automation pyramid: The thing with cypher, encryption and decryption. Anything may be hacked, depending on the effort the attacker is able to invest, the time and money he has. I like 36min 20sec

Kinect hacks 0.1

Posted: 10th März 2012 by admin in hacking, video mapping

Good morning ladies and gentlemen 😉 Here we go and hacked a kinect with help of  @Raurmar. video available at youtube

28C3 what an awesome session

Posted: 7th Januar 2012 by admin in hacking

  Nice Talks and very interesting people ! Awesome! i liked the Smartmeter Talk a lot. Security Nightmares and hacking trains was fantastic too !! Preparing for EasterHegg in Basel or GPN12 maybe there are some other events ?

Video Mapping

Posted: 24th Dezember 2011 by admin in hacking, Technology

Pretty cool technology for visualisation purpose. Good contrast to Lasertagging, but powerfull. Video or projection Mapping is a usefull tool to bring animation to buildings, walls, and so on. Maybe it’s interesting for my Marketing class 😀 [\vimeogallery]

Posted: 17th Dezember 2011 by admin in hacking, Technology

This is the awesome work of GRL Germany. I’m totally impressed about their approach and what they are doing 😀 [\vimeogallery] For running their own video projector they need support at: If you want to try out the software (free Download and Install for non-commercial-use on GRL Lightrider)  

Homeautomation using Arduino Step 1

Posted: 11th Dezember 2011 by admin in Arduino, hacking, Technology

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, I started today with a great cheap wireless homeautomation workshop for your xmas light decoration DIY 😀 goal: keep it wireless, keep it open, keep it on iOS and Android I purchased the following items: BOM: SACOM RemoteSwitches „Funksteckdosen“ from Amazon 433 MHz Transmitter Receiver Devices from Ebay Of course […]

Augmented Reality 4.0

Posted: 10th Dezember 2011 by admin in hacking, Technology

Okay for those who think – whats about 3.0 …. -> it’s an innovation so we skip version 3.0 to make it more attractive. Buzzwords for my new tech hobby: projection mapping event, projector Mapping   Some kind of augmented reality – no clue where to implement it – but new item of series  TECHNOLOGY […]