Homeautomation using Arduino Step 1

Posted: 11th Dezember 2011 by admin in Arduino, hacking, Technology

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

I started today with a great cheap wireless homeautomation workshop for your xmas light decoration DIY 😀

goal: keep it wireless, keep it open, keep it on iOS and Android

I purchased the following items:


  • SACOM RemoteSwitches „Funksteckdosen“ from Amazon
  • 433 MHz Transmitter Receiver Devices from Ebay
  • Of course one Arduino (two would be better for simultaneously testing RX AND TX ) from Ebay or DFRobot
  • Arduino IDE
  • Libs from randysimons.nl for Arduino IDE
  • let me think if i forgot sth …. öhm Wire + Stiftleiste (Pin Header) + basic Soldering KnowHow and Equipment

Here’s my Setup RF Transmitter & RF Receiver::


That’s it for the first setup to control your RF RemoteSwitches without your Remote but with your MAC or PC.

Here you can see how to connect the RF 433 MHz Module to Arduino for sniffing and reverse engineering of the protocol.


Next Step: Step 2 – Writing an Android based APP for innterconnect mobile phone and RemoteSwitches maybe + video