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Featured Videos of my Youtube Channel

Posted: 30th August 2011 by admin in Arduino


RGB Matrix 64 LEDs

Posted: 29th August 2011 by admin in Arduino, Technology

We built a great RGB Matrix with an arduino and 64 RGB LEDs. It’s working quiet well displaying forms, space invaders, snow, rainbow plasma and everything you can imagine in a size 8×8 😀 What I would highly appreciate: „Just press i like“   😀

Second Round Value creation chain

Posted: 29th August 2011 by admin in MBE

Okay, here we go. After a Small And a Second bigger Case Study we are Done with Class Here Some Pictures of a Nice Game we Played to realize difficulties between supply and Demand Side and the Steps in between. That was a game and quiet cool a Short presentation was Graded to sum up […]

Second Round Innovation of the Value creation chain

Posted: 24th August 2011 by admin in MBE

After two days of „Innovation of the Value creation chain“ Class the lecturer is Changing and the Topic is now about the Value chain. The First Round was concentrating on Innovation and Innovation Management As well As product Management. We were challenged to come up with 3 presentations in two days what wad quiet a […]

Free time ;-)

Posted: 21st August 2011 by admin in MBE

We got an invitation for dinner after the exam on saturday. Scmt arranged everything and it was a quite Nice atmosphere, with more than enough to eat and drink to celebrate. The Reason for celebrating was the we have now Passes more than half of the Exams and also the lectures. On the One Hand […]

IT exam written

Posted: 20th August 2011 by admin in MBE

Mission accomlished 1h exam is now over. Topics: laws sarnoff, metcalfe, Reed + formula Graph and verbally Explantation. Also explain the Other laws, Gilder, Wirth. Diffusion of Innovation and the chasm with explanation of the chasm and the tornado Theory. Customer brand Engagement Experience+ examples. Principle Agent Theory and Role of it. Value chain and […]

Back to Berlin 08/2011

Posted: 20th August 2011 by admin in MBE

Back in Berlin for 2 weeks. Today the assignement in Information Technology will take Place 😉 I have to learn now a Little Bit Tonics: Network Effects of sarnoff metcalfe, Reed, Moore As well As Technologies like qr tagging, ecommerce with Marketing over twitter Youtube Facebook. Also interesting productivity Enhancement apps Great!! We all Know […]