Final Post on MBE

Posted: 12th Januar 2013 by admin in MBE, MBE-SCMT

never say never but i think i won’t post that many blog entries about the MBE in the next time.

Because I’m done with MBE, the defense was done, the grade for the Thesis is out and i’m totally glad that i got an interesting an challenging job afterwards at Siemens 😉

So there are only a view things more to say:
1. I would do it again !
2. The worldwide excursions and study trips were awesome!
3. Met that many great people (students, teachers, company owners and entrepreneurs)
4. i’m sure that it will pay back in the future

Everything was really good, there is still one additional „but“.
The organisation, the paper work that needs to be done, getting information in the right time, writing exams, case studies, transfer papers making presentations was exhausting. And you must not expect too much! not every lecture was perfectly organised brought you to a higher level of understanding economy and the world trade or was value adding. But making a conclusion I am satisfied with that. There were others before they expected too much from university and in the end what was their conclusion? (!!) Da steh ich nun ich armer Tor und bin so klug als wie zuvor 😉

that’s it

Thank you so much for reading my blog. And i would be happy to answer a lot of questions in the Q&A section of this blog.
This blog will still be kept online, but i might change the purpose and headline topics in the future i guess.