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Video Mapping

Posted: 24th Dezember 2011 by admin in hacking, Technology

Pretty cool technology for visualisation purpose. Good contrast to Lasertagging, but powerfull. Video or projection Mapping is a usefull tool to bring animation to buildings, walls, and so on. Maybe it’s interesting for my Marketing class 😀 [\vimeogallery]

Posted: 17th Dezember 2011 by admin in hacking, Technology

This is the awesome work of GRL Germany. I’m totally impressed about their approach and what they are doing 😀 [\vimeogallery] For running their own video projector they need support at: If you want to try out the software (free Download and Install for non-commercial-use on GRL Lightrider)  

Homeautomation using Arduino Step 1

Posted: 11th Dezember 2011 by admin in Arduino, hacking, Technology

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, I started today with a great cheap wireless homeautomation workshop for your xmas light decoration DIY 😀 goal: keep it wireless, keep it open, keep it on iOS and Android I purchased the following items: BOM: SACOM RemoteSwitches „Funksteckdosen“ from Amazon 433 MHz Transmitter Receiver Devices from Ebay Of course […]

Augmented Reality 4.0

Posted: 10th Dezember 2011 by admin in hacking, Technology

Okay for those who think – whats about 3.0 …. -> it’s an innovation so we skip version 3.0 to make it more attractive. Buzzwords for my new tech hobby: projection mapping event, projector Mapping   Some kind of augmented reality – no clue where to implement it – but new item of series  TECHNOLOGY […]

the thing with IT

Posted: 10th Dezember 2011 by admin in MBE

Good Morning ladies and gentlemen, It’s 7:00 a.m. I’m supposed writing my IT paper – but it doesn’t work. Having 1950 slides from the last IT lecture (no JOKE !!!) and now thinking about where to start… Web 2.0, MES, tablets and mobiles, cloud, self managed content, social networks, blackbeards, security issues? Please comment this […]

Booking US Trip Flights

Posted: 10th Dezember 2011 by admin in MBE

Yeaha, Looking forward to book the flights for US trip next week. The simple plan: Some spot in Germany, Fra, B, Muc, Nbg; Stuggi –> Atlanta –> LA –>Las Vegas –> Salt Lake City –> Indianapolis Then 2 weeks of studying are waiting for us. Maybe one trip in between to Chicago over the weekend. […]

Enhance Productivity

Posted: 3rd Dezember 2011 by admin in MBE-SCMT

By working through (nearly) all the websites from our Information Technology Script i found pretty much websites, Apps, Software for enhancing personal and maybe corporate productivity. Some problems may occur by introducing some webbased Cloudservices in huge companies. These companies fearing security problems, but as we saw from the Playstation Hack – it’s always possible […]