Hello World Vibrio fischeri

Posted: 19th April 2014 by admin in hacking

Alright, next project idea is now ready to get started.
In the begining of malicious software spread over the internet, security agencys named this kind of programs „viruses“.
Cause scientists knew more about biological viruses than about malicious software, they named it after something they are familiar with. In my opinion this has changed and as scientists today seem to know more about computer viruses than about the biological equivalent.
Why? Because people are now able to create, spawn, manipulate, distribute, alter computer viruses. We are developing root kits and exploits for even believed safe applications and encryption algorithms.
You don’t believe me? Just take a look at the heartbleed attack on OpenSSL 2014. Or remember the GSM hack from Harald Welte which has shown volunerabilities of this believed as safe encryption.
As we now know more about computer viruses we can transform this knowledge to biology.

More or less malicious software and organisms are doing the same.
Repeating a function or method, using a set of defined functions, knowing a set of standard instructions, reproducing itself, infiltrating a host and performing a defined task.
So no difference in calculating the fibonacci numbers or manipulating a cell that should glow in the dark 😉 Got me?

Instead of using libraries you choose from a set of available genes and activate or deactivate these genes for glowing. If you have a cell that does not have this gene you want to activate, perform an SQL injection 😉

Sounds easy. It’s not!
Next Post will show my BOM to get all the necessary stuff for creating bioluminescence. I will try how hard it really is to hack Bio Cells 😉