Tokio 2k12 07 17

Posted: 17th Juli 2012 by admin in Asia

Good morning ladies and gentlemen 😉

Koniche Wa
Cumba Wa

Trying to get postcards seems to be an endless story in Tokio. Post office opening hours are collidating with lecture time … thats a little problem.
Today we (we devided in 4 subgroups so i can only provide information about the business case of my group) visited Soken, which is a chemical engineering company. Soken produces chemicals like adhesive pressure sensitive tape, paper inprints, „digital paper“, LCD Surface materials, something which is simliar to e-ink (but different and very top secret 😉 )
It’s a Japanese hightech company now trying to expand after China, Malaysia, Thailand to Europe.
As Junior consultants we are responsible to provide an in depth market analysis and market potentian for the European market. For that we are getting support of local students (chemical, biological and mecanical engineering students) which is a highly diverse team.
That makes a lot of fun and new ideas arise how to position Soken in the European market with special coated adhesive tape.
So we are working on our business case how to develope a market entry strategy for the japanese company soken to enter Europe. This might include al aspects of international marketing and international management such as PESTL, 5 forces, from recommandation over implementation to risks of market entry.

okay enough theorie my economic scientist blog-readers: „It’s a lot of work here to do, but it’s really really fun“
But there is one big problem: we are supposed to wear a suit (36° C !!!) that’s not that awesome :-(

Here you get your daily portion of Tokyo pictures: