Tokio 2k12 07 18

Posted: 18th Juli 2012 by admin in Asia

good morning ladies and gentlemen 😉

Today we visited CITIZEN and had an interesting discussion with some of the recent manager’s ob CITIZEN Holding, the Watch manufacturing and the machinery tool plant. The discussion was cool because the former managing board was present and answered our questions concerning japanese management styles compared to german work and management.
What was impressing that they assemble 500.000 watch works a day. Fully automated and with a production line which first version was setted up 30 years ago.

The machinery tool plant was very interesting for me because we at Siemens Healthcare Kemnath have a comparable machine park named Mechanic Center. Didn’t know before that Citizen is producing CNC machines but they do and sell up to 150 per month. Not bad with cycle times of nearly 30 days per machine.

but again no pictures :-( but some of the Citizen staff made pictures which we get later and i will upload some.

Here my impressions of the day —> the nature around tokyo is awesome !!! good rock climbing spots i would guess 😉