Korea 2k12 Samsung d’light & Hanok Village

Posted: 29th Juli 2012 by admin in Asia, MBE

Good morning ladies and gents 😉

Again some interesting spots from Seoul. We visited Namsan Hanok Village, to participate in a traditional tea ceremony, learning a little bit of Korean language an music. Afterwards we went to „Samsung d’light“ which is sth like a big booth. The presentation about Samsung was quiet impressing – they wanna reach $400 bn in revenue by 2020.
Impressing, cause Siemens is making $90,49 bn in revenue with 410.000-420.000 employees.
Samsung has 350.000 employees …. not bad and very interesting.

In between, sunday was freetime so some of us went hiking. It was not that easy to find the way, but here a short tutorial:

We went from Dongdaemon History and Culture park with line 4 to SUYU (direction Danggogae Sang).
Exit #3 and turn right and to the middle of the street (direction Ssangmung Stn, Ujieongbu).
To catch up a blue bus Line 120 to Baengundae, Bukhansan. Exit Bus on last U turn endstation near the NorthFace store.

We did the peaks Yoengbong, Baengundae (which is the highest one around and the view is awesome. Last but not least Nojeokbong.
The tour took us 7.5h with all breaks, waiting time for bus and metro and we needed approx 4.5h to get up the 3 peaks after another. I can recommend to go there (next time i will take some gear with me to take the bigger rocks with my rope :-) )