USA Preparation

Posted: 26th April 2012 by admin in MBE, MBE-SCMT, USA

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen 😉

Here we go,

hopefully got everything on board and packed into my suitcase 😀 today the trip to California is starting. I’m meeting some of the students in Stuttgart today where we are departing to Paris on Friday morning. From Charles de Gaule we directly depart to L.A. !!


It’s gonna be very exiting the first week is planned to go for sightseeing in L.A. and Vegas. Woohoo by car through mojave dessert – sounds like an adventure but i’m glad that it’s not death valley. Before lecture starts in the second and third week in Bloomington. You will get pictures from this tour of course 😀

If free WiFi connections allow to blog frequently i will do so.