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Posted: 15th Mai 2012 by admin in MBE, MBE-SCMT, USA

Good mornin‘ ladies and gentlemen 😉

The whole business case study is as descibed to produce a product (no beverage/food or service) in China or Inida and to sell in the US.
Quiet interesting because there is so much stuff to take care of (tax, transportation, cash which is for the goods in progress and so on). During the weekend project work was on hold because nearly everybody of our team went to Chicago.
Anyway we have to cover the whole lecture content of international Marketing, Controlling and BI an how models affect our strategy in total.

The product we wanna sell:
RGB Matrix Table

Long story short: now there are 4 days left and we are still working on two group assignemts and the presentation for friday. Not that much time – but we will make it and there should be time left to visit Killroy’s in between 😉
And in addition we are supposed to prepare a prereading of „Continental White Cap“ and Machiavelli’s „the Prince“.
That i have to say seems not achievable because it’s about 115 pages. In this case the workload will be adjusted to the feasible amount of reading an executive summary (if there is one) and wikipedia.

Folks have a nice one!