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Posted: 17th Mai 2012 by admin in MBE, MBE-SCMT, USA

Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

We having a very good time at Bloomington, with geniuses of professors giving lecture and a quiet challenging business case.
There has been a quiet number of people giving a lecture for 1-2 days but they all are really motivated and try to project their subject to every day business life.
Today’s class impressed me i have to say even if i understood maybe 27.4% of Machiavelli’s The Prince and sun tzu’s the art of war. But again it’s the projection of literature which is stone old (as old as the hills) to transport ideas and models to today.
For the fellows who attended today but the lecture didn’t meet their expectations i have to say: „Mufasa“

We are still working on our business case which costs us a lot of time to prepare the marketing written assignement, the controlling and the business intelligence part. But i like 😉 because it’s no case study about a firm you can not identify with but it’s about starting our own business.

Awesome ideas 😀 and convinced that this might work in the real world …
So the question arises —> should we try ?!?

We are convinced that our business idea might work so we are trying hard to negoiate and pursuade these who don’t tomorrow in our final assignement.